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FWC Fish Range Finder
The Fish Range Finder gives the user a simple way to access Florida's freshwater fish ranges. Selected fish ranges can be identified in two ways: Search by fish name and find the counties where the fish occurs, or search by county and find the fish that dwell there.

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Freshwater Projects and Data
Quick Maps - Google Earth Data
Many GIS data layers from the Center for Spatial Analysis have been converted to Google Earth-compatible files for easy viewing within the free Google Earth viewer. These files are updated on an ongoing basis. Check back often for new and updated datasets.

Florida Freshwater and Tidal Stream Fish Distrubution Mapping: Phase I - Panhandle
This project employed Geographic Information System (GIS) applications and modeling software to generate maps of the potential habitats for 55 species of freshwater fish known to occur in Florida's panhandle region.

Florida Stream Habitat Classification
This project developed a statewide stream habitat classification GIS data layer this is necessary for identifying existing and potential habitats of aquatic species.

Mapping Threats to Florida Freshwater Habitats
This project assembled statewide data layers representing 10 uncorrelated individual threats to Florid's freshwater habitats and created a composite index of the threat data layers to determine relative condition of freshwater habitats within Florida.