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Water Quality Monitoring Project (WQMP)
The Southeastern Environmental Research Program at Florida International University operates a network of 340 fixed sampling sites distributed throughout the estuarine and coastal ecosystems of south Florida. The purpose of this network is to address concerns in regional water quality that cross and overlap political boundaries. Funding is provided by a variety of sources and individual programs are added as funding becomes available. Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay, Whitewater Bay, Ten Thousand Islands, Rookery Bay, Estero Bay, and Pine Island Sound are sampled monthly while the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) and the southwest shelf are sampled quarterly. Variables currently measured include surface and bottom temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, total nitrogen, total organic nitrogen, total phosphorus, soluble reactive phosphorus, total organic carbon, total silicate, chlorophyll a, alkaline phosphatase activity, turbidity, and light extinction.

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NOTE: Although the following are usually reported by survey number, they are reported here by survey year.

2014 Annual Report (PDF, 3.3 MB)
2013 Annual Report (PDF, 3.5 MB)
2012 Annual Report (PDF, 9.0 MB)
2011 Annual Report (PDF, 3.29 MB)
2010 Annual Report (PDF, 11.8 MB)
2009 Annual Report (PDF, 3.7 MB)
2008 Annual Report (PDF, 14.6 MB)
2006 Annual Report (PDF, 4.43 MB)
2005 Annual Report (PDF, 5.1 MB)
2004 Executive Summary (PDF, 1.2 MB)
2004 Annual Report (PDF, 5.3 MB)
2003 Annual Report (PDF, 4.6 MB)
2002 Annual Report (PDF, 1.8 MB)
2001 Annual Report (PDF, 1.2 MB)
2000 Annual Report (PDF, 3.0 MB)
1999 Annual Report (PDF, 526 KB)
1998 Annual Report (PDF, 1.4 MB)
1997 Annual Report (PDF, 5.7 MB)

Last Received Metadata:
Water Quality Monitoring Project for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary - November, 2004 (PDF, 143 KB)

Other Project Data:
PI Graphs, data 1995 - 2010 (EXCEL, ~10.7 MB)

Survey 75 (EXCEL, ~780 KB)
Survey 74 (EXCEL, ~1.92 MB)
Survey 73 (EXCEL, ~1.66 MB)
Survey 72 (EXCEL, ~1.79 MB)
Survey 71 (EXCEL, ~4.08 MB)
Survey 70 (EXCEL, ~4.73 MB)
Survey 69 (EXCEL, ~2.02 MB)
Survey 68 (EXCEL, ~9.59 MB)
Survey 67 (EXCEL, ~8.04 MB)
Survey 66 (EXCEL, ~1.54 MB)
Survey 65 (EXCEL, ~2.29 MB)
Survey 64 (EXCEL, ~2.74 MB)
Survey 63 (EXCEL, ~2.73 MB)
Survey 62 (EXCEL, ~1.9 MB)
Survey 61 (EXCEL, ~4 MB)
Survey 60 (EXCEL, ~1.9 MB)
Survey 59 (EXCEL, ~3.9 MB)
Survey 58 (EXCEL, ~1.9 MB)
Survey 57 (EXCEL, ~1.1 MB)
Survey 56 (EXCEL, ~1.7 MB)
Survey 55 (EXCEL, ~2 MB)
Survey 54 (EXCEL, 141 KB)
Survey 53 (EXCEL, 142 KB)
Survey 52 (EXCEL, 141 KB)
Survey 51 (EXCEL, 142 KB)
Survey 50 (EXCEL, 127 KB)
Survey 49 (EXCEL, 145 KB)
Survey 48 (EXCEL, 145 KB)

Direct Link to PI Data:
SERC website for Water Quality Monitoring Project for the Water Quality Protection Program of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

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