GIS Data

Data is an important part of the Water Quality Protection Program. Below are data collected by the three monitoring projects. These data are presented as raw and synthesized data. Raw data are presented as Excel spreadsheets (located in each program area), while synthesized and reformatted data are presented as 'User Friendly,' ESRI shapefiles, and Google Earth KMZ files (below).

Formatted Data: Data are considered 'raw' when presented as received from the PI (Principal Investigator). When presented as 'formatted,' suggests fields were removed when considered unnecessary, columns have been modified to provide formatting needed for STORET, or columns may have been renamed to present 'human readable text' for public use. Projects are listed in alphabetical order; data are usually listed in reverse chronological order. These datasets tend to contain data from several years in bulk. For data containing single, prior surveys, please go to individual projects.

Project GIS Data


Google Earth is needed to view the Google Earth files below. A free copy of Google Earth can be obtained from Google by clicking HERE


If you do not have the ArcGIS product line installed, ESRI Explorer Desktop can be used to view the shapefiles below. A free copy of Explorer Desktop can be obtained from ESRI by clicking HERE