The Unified Florida Reef Tract Map

Additional Documentation

Annual Report: Coordinated Coral and Hardbottom Ecosystem Mapping, Monitoring and Management — Final Report Year 4

Review of Issues Pertaining to the Integration of Florida Reef Tract Benthic Maps — Final Report Appendix

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Dry Tortugas National Park — Development and Policy Applications of the 2010 Benthic Habitat Map for Dry Tortugas National Park

Marquesas — Benthic Habitat Mapping of the Marquesas/Quicksands Area of the Florida Keys, Florida

Florida Keys — Accuracy Assessment and Monitoring for NOAA Florida Keys mapping

Biscayne National Park — Report Coming Soon

Miami-Dade County — Benthic Habitat Mapping of Miami-Dade County: Visual Interpretation of LADS Bathymetry and Aerial Photography

Broward County — Development of GIS Maps for Southeast Florida Coral Reefs

Palm Beach County — Development of GIS maps for Southeast Florida Coral Reefs

Martin County — Characterizing and Determining the Extent of Coral Reefs and Associated Resources in Southeast Florida through the Acquisition of High-Resolution Bathymetry and Benthic Habitat Mapping