Oyster Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program
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2017 OIMMP Workshop

The Oyster Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program (OIMMP) is funded by Florida’s State Wildlife Grants (SWG) Program in order to support the study of high priority coastal habitats and meet requirements of the State Wildlife Action Plan. OIMMP's goals include bringing together representatives from oyster mapping and monitoring programs across the State in order to increase communication, minimize duplicate efforts, and identify data gaps, needs, and priorities. Additional goals are to create a statewide report on the mapping and monitoring status of oyster reefs in Florida modeled after the Seagrass Integrated Monitoring and Mapping Program (SIMM) and the Coastal Habitats Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program (CHIMMP).
2017 Workshop Agenda and Attendees
Workshop OIMMP Presentation
Oyster Mapping and Monitoring Resources in Florida

2017 Workshop Presentations

Topic: GTMNERR oyster monitoring (2014-2016)
Presenter: Nikki Dix, Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve
Reference Material:
GTMNERR oyster monitoring

Topic: Investigation into the health of oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in natural and restored reefs across a latitudinal gradient in the Indian River Lagoon (IRL), Florida
Presenter: Emily Dark, FDEP, Indian River Lagoon Aquatic Preserves
Reference Material:
Oyster health in the IRL

Topic: CHNEP volunteer oyster habitat monitoring: methods for citizen scientists
Presenter: Jaime Boswell, Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program
Reference Material:
CHNEP volunteer oyster habitat monitoring

Topic: Sarasota Bay oyster habitat mapping, monitoring, and restoration
Presenter: Jay Leverone, Sarasota Bay Estuary Program
Reference Material:
Sarasota Bay Oyster Habitat

Topic: Oyster reef habitat restoration in St. Andrew Bay, FL
Presenter: Katie Konchar, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Reference Material:
St. Andrew Bay Oyster Restoration

Topic: Mapping oyster reefs using drones versus aerial photo
Presenter: Andrea Noel: FDEP, Northeast Florida Aquatic Preserves
Reference Material:
Drones and aerial photo mapping

Topic: Options for mapping subtidal and intertidal oyster reefs
Presenter: Ray Grizzle, University of New Hampshire
Reference Material:
Options for mapping oyster reefs

Topic: Rookery Bay NERR SAV/oyster mapping
Presenter: Thomas Ries, Scheda Ecological Associates
Reference Material:
Rookery Bay oyster mapping

Topic: Gulf of Mexico Oyster Restoration: Deepwater Horizon Oyster Restoration Strategy
Presenter: Laurie Rounds, NOAA Restoration Center
Reference Material:
GOM oyster restoration

Topic: Tampa Bay Oyster Target Setting
Presenter: Gary Raulerson, Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Reference Material:
Tampa Bay oyster targets

Topic: An Overview of Approaches for Mapping and Assessing Intertidal and Subtidal Oyster Habitats
Presenter: Loren Coen, Florida Atlantic University
Reference Material:
Overview of Approaches for Mapping Oysters


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