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Maps and Atlases

Below you will find links (map icons) to the Geographic Response Plan and Environmental Sensitivity Index Map Atlases (in PDF format) created for the entire Sector Area of Responsibility. These maps should be used as a guide for spill response activities.  These include information on natural resources, socio/economic resources, and pre-identified sensitive areas; as well as detailed contact information.

Before opening the GRP index map, please make sure to set your Adobe Reader preferences according to the method (online/DVD) that you are using to view the ACP. First, open Adobe Reader from the start window then follow the instructions pictured below. The highlighted fields in the images, show the menu selections needed in order to access the Adobe Reader internet preferences.


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Southeast Florida Area Committee Geographic Response Plan (GRP) Maps February, 2013 (PDF, <1MB)

GRP Map image

Click on the map above to select a specific GRP map by index number

Historic Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Maps - South Florida, August 1996 (PDF, <1MB)

ESI South FLorida Image

Historic Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Maps - East Florida, April 1996 (PDF, <1MB)

ESI East Florida image

Tidal Inlet Protection Strategies (TIPS) Maps - October 2011 (PDF, <1MB)

Tidal Inlet Protection Strategy Image

Historic Geographic Response Plan Maps 2009 *Reference Only (PDF, <1MB)

Old GRP Map Image

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission*- Southeast Florida Boating and Angling Guides

Treasure Coast South* (PDF, 26.07MB)

Upper Keys* (PDF, 26.10MB)

Jupiter Inlet Boaters Guide (PDF, 6.74MB)

Sebastian Inlet Navigation Guide (PDF, 1.40MB)