Florida’s Wildlife Contingency Plan for

Oil Spill Response

October 2012 - Second Edition

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Produced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in cooperation with the

Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Office of Emergency Response,

 US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the US Coast Guard


FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline

 (888)-404-FWCC (3922) or *FWC on your cell phone


Wildlife Contingency Plan Documents (PDF):


Florida’s Wildlife Contingency Plan for Oil Spill Response – October 2012 (Main Document)

Wildlife Response Plan Template

Wildlife Response Plan ICS Matrix (ICS-232w-CG)


NOAA Pinniped and Cetacean Oil Spill Response Guidelines - Dec 2015

Best Management Practices for Protection of Florida’s Coastal Wildlife

Recommended Minimum Training Levels for Oiled Wildlife Responders

Oiled Wildlife Recovery Operations Protocol

Sea Turtle Guidelines for Oil Spill Response

Manatee Guidelines for Oil Spill Response

Capture Guidelines for Oiled Birds and Terrestrial Wildlife During Oil Spill Responses

Guidance for Releasing Rehabilitated Migratory Birds

Guidelines for other Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife During Oil Spill Response

Marine Mammal-Sea Turtle Protocols for Dedicated SCAT

Guidance For Avoiding Impacts To Wildlife By Night Work Crews On Florida’s Beaches

Carcass Collection Protocols for Oil Spill Response

Boat and Aircraft Operations

Florida Wildlife Operations Contacts

Stabilization and Rehabilitation Centers by USCG Sector

Wildlife Branch Position Responsibilities in the Unified Command

Special Conditions for Access to Public and Private Lands

Detailed Wildlife Resources At Risk by Region-US Coast Guard Sectors