A Boating and Angling Guide to Nassau and Duval Counties A Boating and Angling Guide to Nassau and Duval Counties
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A collage of images taken around Tampa Bay: a black skimmer, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a woman holding a red drum, a Florida manatee, mangrove prop roots

The waterways of Nassau and Duval Counties include the lower St. Johns River and its tributaries, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Fort George River, and the Nassau River. These waterways, which are popular for sport and recreation, support one of the world’s most productive natural systems. Estuaries like these, where salt water from the sea meets and mixes with fresh water from rivers and uplands, are nurseries for young fish, shrimp, and crabs. More than 70 percent of all fish, shellfish, and crustaceans spend some critical stage of their development in these nearshore waters, protected from larger predators that swim in the open sea.

By boating safely and with greater awareness of the natural environment, you can help protect these waterways and the wildlife that depends on them for survival.
The online Boating and Angling Guide to Nassau and Duval Counties was created to complement the printed Boating and Angling Guides to the Nassau and Duval Counties. To access the features of this Web site, please select one of the subject headings to the left or click on the icon below.

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Photo credits: Black skimmer © Bryon Chamberlin, Angler with red drum © OsbornePhtography.com