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Partial funding for this project was obtained through the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Fund.

Additional funding for this project was obtained from a Discover Florida's Oceans license tag grant through the Wildlife Foundation of Florida.
Welcome to Apalachee Bay
Spanning the coastline from Ochlockonee Bay eastward to the Fenholloway River, the Apalachee Bay system encompasses 300 square miles of surface water. Popular for sport and recreation, the Apalachee Bay system also supports one of the world’s most productive natural systems. Estuaries like Apalachee Bay, where saltwater from the sea and freshwater from rivers and uplands mix, are nurseries for young fish, shrimp, and crabs. More than 70% of all fish, shellfish, and crustaceans spend some critical stage of their development in these nearshore waters, protected from larger predators that swim the open sea.

Satellite photo of Apalachee Bay

Wildlife abounds along the shores of the Apalachee Bay. Many species of birds, from the familiar brown pelican to the breathtaking bald eagle, nest in this area. Others, including sandpipers and numerous species of ducks are seasonal visitors.

By boating safely, and with greater awareness of the natural environment, boaters can help protect Apalachee Bay and the wildlife that depends on these waters for survival. By knowing and obeying some simple rules, you can help to sustain and preserve this natural system.

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