Coastal Habitat Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program

Workshops and Resources

The Coastal Habitat Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program (CHIMMP) was funded by Florida’s State Wildlife Grants Program from 2013-2017 in order to support the study of high priority coastal habitats and meet requirements of the State Wildlife Action Plan. CHIMMP's goals included bringing together representatives from mapping and monitoring programs across the State in order to increase communication, minimize duplicate efforts and identify data gaps, needs, and priorities. As a result of this effort, a statewide technical report on the status of mangroves and salt marshes in Florida was published in 2017.

2017 CHIMMP Report for the State of Florida

Both CHIMMP and the Oyster Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program (OIMMP) were modeled after the Seagrass Integrated Mapping and Monitoring (SIMM) Program:

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Mapping Resources

CHIMMP Regions Map