Oyster Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program

Workshops and Resources

Oyster Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program: Workshops and Resources

The Oyster Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program (OIMMP) is funded by Florida’s State Wildlife Grants (SWG) Program in order to support the study of high priority coastal habitats and meet requirements of the State Wildlife Action Plan. OIMMP's goals include bringing together representatives from oyster mapping and monitoring programs across the State in order to increase communication, minimize duplicate efforts, and identify data gaps, needs, and priorities. As a result of this effort, a statewide technical report on the status of oyster reefs in Florida was published in 2019.

2019 OIMMP Report for the State of Florida

OIMMP was modeled after the Seagrass Integrated Monitoring and Mapping Program (SIMM) and the Coastal Habitats Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program (CHIMMP).

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OIMMP Mapping

Oleta River Oyster Reef Mapping 2022

Horseshoe Beach and Deadman Bay Oyster Reef Mapping 2021

Tampa Bay Oyster Mapping 2020

Suwannee Sound Oyster Reef Mapping 2019

Other Oyster Mapping Reports

2022 UNH/Substructure Suwannee Sound Intertidal Mapping

2021 UNH/Substructure Apalachicola Bay Subtidal Mapping


Oyster Restoration Workgroup

FWC/FWRI Marine Resources GIS mapper

FWC/FWRI GIS and Mapping Data Downloads

FWC/FWRI Coastal Habitats Integrated Mapping and Monitoring Program

FWC/FWRI Seagrass Independent Mapping and Monitoring Program

Oyster Condition Assessment Protocol

1984 to Present Oyster Fisheries Data

1950 to 1983 Oyster Fisheries Data

FDACS Florida Shellfish Harvesting Areas Interactive Map Viewer

Moving Toward an Oyster Modeling Framework for the Gulf of Mexico:
Informing Gulf-Wide Oyster Restoration Report

Moving Toward an Oyster Modeling Framework for the Gulf of Mexico: Appendix 1

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Florida Oyster Recovery Science (FORS) Workgroup Resources

The Florida Oyster Recovery Science (FORS) Working Group supports the recovery and management of Florida’s oyster habitat and fisheries with science and through collaboration. FORS works to foster the comparability of science-based metrics, methods, and models used to recover and manage Florida’s oyster habitats and fisheries, develop science-based guidance products, support status and trend assessments, eliminate barriers to oyster recovery, and share information with the broader community. FORS envisions thriving oyster habitat for Florida that provides ecosystem services, sustainable oyster fisheries, and effective oyster management through plans that are science-based, adaptable to changing conditions, and coordinated through partnerships.

FORS Guidance Series: Oyster Habitat Mapping