A Boating and Angling Guide to Charlotte Harbor A Boating and Angling Guide to Charlotte Harbor
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Funding for this project was obtained through grants from the West Coast Inland Navigation District and Charlotte County.

Additional funding for this project was obtained through the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Fund.
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In and around Charlotte Harbor, managed areas provide recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors to the area. Boaters can visit several barrier islands and spend the day basking on the beach. Anglers can wet a line in the hopes of catching a trophy trout, snook, or red drum.

These managed areas also provide a refuge for many plants and animals that call this area home. Many of the barrier islands serve as nesting and resting areas for birds. Seagrass beds and mangrove roots provide areas for many bird species to feed. Gopher tortoises and box turtles can be found in the upland areas of several state parks.

This section of the Web site highlights managed areas that provide boating and fishing opportunities to residents and visitors or protect habitat for the harbor's plants and animals.

State Parks and Preserves: Information about state parks that provide boating and/or fishing access.
Aquatic Preserves: A description of an aquatic preserve and a list of the aquatic preserves around Charlotte Harbor.
National Wildlife Refuges: A list of the National Wildlife Refuges around Charlotte Harbor.

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