The Unified Florida Reef Tract Map

The Unified Reef Map displays benthic habitats for the Florida Keys and Southeast Florida. The rationale behind this effort was that a uniform interpretation of benthic habitats will allow managers and scientists to evaluate changes and consider management actions reef-tract-wide. The Unified Reef Map was created by merging benthic maps from Martin County through the Florida Keys/Dry Tortugas using a 5-level hierarchical unified classification (UC) system. At the coarsest UC level, 0, benthic habitat types were consistent across the entire reef tract. UC Level 4, the most detailed, retains all the original classification information from each source map. Hence, at UC level 4, the benthic habitat types will vary across the reef tract because the source maps were created using different levels of detail in their classification methods. The more detailed benthic data was preserved so that it can be retrieved when needed.


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Unified Reef Map Geodatabase version 1.3, September 2015
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